United Financial Service provides services to most industries. Some of these industies include utilities, banking, commercial, property management, finance, healthcare, auto, education, and many more.

We recognize that each industry has particular needs. This recognition has allowed us to create customized services to best suit each of our clients and their industries.

Litigation Using a network of the most talented collection attorneys in the country, United Financial Service, with client approval, pursues all legal remedies to protect our clients assets and maximize recovery.

Unique approaches for each industry Some industries require a "softer footprint" relative to their pursuit of receivable. United Financial Services understands those industries and how to best serve their needs. We operate within the guidelines of each industry served.

Our Experience In Banking

United Financial Service has performed above industry standards in the banking industry. Some of the many account types we have serviced include credit card, personal loan, commercial loan, overdrafts, and auto loans.

We Understand Utilities

From cellular telephones to cable bills, United Financial Service has the right solution. Our expertise in this industry has allowed us to become a well-respected performer.

Healthcare, Property Management, Education...

Serving most industries has allowed United Financial Service the insight to understand how differently each business operates. We know what each industry needs and work diligently to provide those solutions.